Hi Guys, Vegan in France is a website devoted to life in France as a Vegetarian. All recipes are Vegetarian or Vegan and show that, although sometimes challenging (!), it is possible to live in France and be Vegetarian

I’m Louise and along with my fiance,Dave, we recently opened up The Hidden Veggie Kitchen, a little pop up restaurant in our Home, in the Haute Vienne, serving delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Food. Next year we will be opening up a little Gite too. The house is a total renovation project, and we’ve only been here since July of this year (2016) but we already know it’s going to be our forever home. I’m originally from East Yorkshire but moved to France 7 years ago. I met Dave, my fiance, 2 years ago and had no idea how to cook! He is Vegetarian and I wanted to impress ( tough when he isn’t afraid to give his honest opinion on my cooking! ), so got on the Internet and started looking up Vegetarian Food. I found that,not only do I love cooking, I’m pretty good at it!

me in kitchen.JPG

I have Epilepsy and have been quite ill for 2 years so this was a perfect way to work from Home, and also it has been great for my illness as I find cooking sooo relaxing. Dave is a Builder and he loves it because he is now used to coming home to a 3 course meal each night as I’m constantly trying out new Recipes.

I admit to putting on quite a bit of weight during the time when I was ill ( comfort eating, really ) and I wanted to find a realistic way of cutting down on what I was eating but still feeling like I was enjoying my food and not always hungry!

That’s how I fell upon the fabulous world of Vegan Food. Particularly the Desserts. I can make Cupcakes, Chocolate Tarts, Pancakes etc but don’t feel huge guilt after eating them as I know all of the yummy and healthy ingredients that have gone into them.

Yes, sometimes I like to be a bit naughty and have some Vegan Chocolate Truffles ( which are rather decadent as they’re made of Dark Chocolate and Coconut Cream ) but you’ve got to treat yourself now & then!

There is this stigma often associated with Vegetarianism & Veganism as living a life of eating Tofu and Salad which isn’t the case. There is so much more on offer! I could only hope to inspire others and guide others through their  journey.

Anyway, thaks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the the blog!

Louise xxx